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  • Introducing Doxstory, the revolutionary app designed to streamline your reading experience.
  • With its advanced AI technology, Doxstory swiftly digests lengthy documents, extracting key information, and generating concise summaries at your fingertips.
  • Whether it's a report, article, or research paper, simply upload the document, and within moments, obtain a comprehensive summary tailored to your needs.
  • This app is a game-changer for busy professionals, students, and avid readers, allowing them to grasp the essence of extensive texts in a fraction of the time.

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„Want to know a single piece of information, but its hidden between 500 pages?
Let us look it up!“

  • But that's not all - Doxstory goes beyond mere summarization. It offers a unique Q&A feature, enabling users to ask specific questions about the text.
  • Seamlessly interact with the content by seeking clarification or delving deeper into particular sections. Need quick insights on a critical point? Doxstory has you covered.
  • No need to skim through a heavy pile of documents anymore - get a short summary with all the relevant information in seconds.
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