We work on projects for small and large companies with international reach.

How are we different?

We guide the client through the entire process – from the discussion of the plan, through design, testing the prototype to a functional solution that we have been operating for a long time.


Non-binding consultation

We will understand your intention and define the framework of the solution, including commercial and technical parts


Design & testing the prototype in 1 week

We can design a solution for your purpose within one week, test the prototype with real clients and incorporate feedback


Long-term operation of the developed solution

We develop the product according to testing with clients or users and operate it long-term

Samples of solutions

Our solution is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide every day. We have selected the most interesting examples that make life easier for their users every day.


Service points

Ensuring order and safety in public and private properties.



We operate solutions in many European countries.



Within our service points.

Management of parking places

A complete tool for setting up and managing parking spaces. Real-time monitoring, control of entrances and exits, free seats and remote access.

Kolovna Mobility App

Mobile app for the renting of exquisite high-quality bikes, made as a benefit for employees of different companies

Analysis of traffic data from cameras

The new FlowSense Pro system is a unique analytical tool that provides a clear visualization of traffic data in the city, anonymous movement of people in public spaces or, for example, parking monitoring.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a revolutionary field of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn and improve their performance based on data without explicit programming. It develops algorithms and models to identify patterns, relationships and make predictions, while adapting and evolving.


We are continuously recruiting technical positions for our teams. Whether you are a specialist in front-end, back-end or UX/UI, we will be happy to have a coffee with you and discuss possible cooperation.

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front end


back end


user experience


back end

Who is Scrumware?

Meet our team

Lukas Habon

CEO & founder
Founder Lukáš spent his more than 15-year career in software development and investment banking. In scrumware, he sets the vision, takes care of the biggest clients and is the driving force behind the solution proposals

Jaroslav Novák

Chief Architect
Jaroslav has been working all his life as a developer and architect primarily for software solutions covering financial markets and banking.

Patrik Veselý

Chief Developer
Patrik is an experienced software developer and deep learning expert who is passionate about new technologies and is not afraid to accept new challenges.

Kamil Vala

Head of Dev/Ops
Kamil is an experienced server and network administrator with a passion for Linux and Free software. His knowledge and experience in this area is a great asset for the reliable operation of our IT infrastructure.

Fiona Mohl

UX/UI designer
Fiona is a UX designer who lends her creative touch to the graphic design and visual identity development. Her passion for aesthetics and ability to create engaging user experiences sets her up to make your products and services both dazzle with design and easy to use.