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We can create a software tailored to your needs, even along with a mobile app right away! React, iOS, Android, Java and other technologies are not all Greek to us. We cooperate with a diverse team on international projects. Our apps and systems are used by users in the USA, Germany, Japan, India, the Czech Republic and soon in Poland. Our company has been on the market since 2016 and we work on various projects. We benefit from our unique knowledge of financial markets, asset management and trading. On the other hand, we also developed a successful app for an autonomous drone flying.


Our team of professional developers is ready to prepare an application according to your business needs.


We are not just developers – we bring entire business solutions to our customer! Full stack development in React, iOS, Android and Java.


Our aim is to be a fully respected business partner and to bring a solution that fits all your needs. 


New modern and cutting industry edge solution. It integrates various parkings buildings and all equipments on one place.
System comes with full scope of monitoring features from passive access to sending active commands to assigned parkings.

Solution also covers residential parking cards management

Beside the web-based application, the solution covers also a mobile application supporting mobile operators.



Switch conventional quadcopter into autonomous one and let it make all warehouse cycle count by itself.

  • Collect all visible 2D and QR codes from all goods placed at rack
  • Export data from application to CVS, JSON
  • Integrate application with custom backend or datastore



It uses a neural network for video analysis for car recognition.

The output from the AI is available in a visualization, which then shows the occupancy of the parking lot, including occupied seats, according to which it is possible to identify whether the seat is occupied or not.

Analytics is adjusted to use hardware as efficiently as possible. All data is available via REST API.


Applications for fleet management, used cars, leasing companies. 

Login of the car to the application that monitors where the car is standing, and the ability to define the service (tire check, oil, ..).

The application reports to the importer or service. Companies know action that were performed on a car while it has been parked.

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