FlowSense Pro

Traffic camera data analysis

The new FlowSense Pro system is a unique analytical tool that provides a clear visualization of traffic data in the city, anonymous movement of people in public spaces or parking monitoring, among other things.

Why is online traffic data important?

  • Identification of trouble spots
  • Overview of site-specific behaviours
  • Data to support proposals for modifications of transport solutions
  • Overview of the current traffic situation, accidents and detours
  • Detection of inappropriate behaviour, violations, anomalies and emergencies

Smart traffic camera

Independent off-grid system

  • Installation of powerful static outdoor cameras that process data and send it to FlowSense Pro via an active element
  • No wiring or external devices - the camera does everything independently
  • Infrared light for outdoor use
  • Encrypted communication via VPN

Camera integrator

to connect existing and new cameras

  • Data is transmitted from the cameras via cables to a high performance industrial computer
  • The computer then sends the data to FlowSense Pro, which provides the user with a clear graphic visualisation
  • Option to use both the cameras already present in the existing monitoring system as well as new cameras

Backend solution

Dozens of cameras on one server

  • The monitoring system works with a server that processes the data and submits it to FlowSense Pro
  • FlowSense Pro evaluates the metadata and creates a clear visualization
  • FlowSense Pro evaluates the metadata and creates a clear visualization
  • No cable system required
  • Maximal use of existing cameras with the possibility of connecting new cameras


„Data for the necessary analysis and optimization.“

  • Continuous online reports
  • Detection of traffic intensity, directionality and occupancy
  • Standard visualization according to defined sensors
  • Data filtering option
  • Implementation, processing and data visualization included in price


„Security solutions first.“

  • GDPR - video data never leaves the city
  • Secure communication (APN, VPN)