Mobility App

„Bikesharing made simple“

  • Mobile app for the renting of exquisite high-quality bikes, made as a benefit for employees of different companies
  • Users can set up reservations for one or more bikes of their choice at selected locations
  • Bluetooth connected bike docking station can be opened with one click in the app, and a step-by-step guide walks the user through the bike unlocking and bike returning process
  • A successful return ensured by user taking a picture of the returned bike

Bluetooth connected docking station

„Collecting and returning a bike in one tap“

  • Easy pick-up and return process through the bluetooth connected KolovnaMobility App
  • Long distance hardware monitoring
  • Communication through MQTT
  • Custom OTA Solution
  • Implementation of a safe bluetooth connection
  • May be used as an ACS System

Desktop Reservation Manager

„Everything in one place.“

  • Management of your reservations, deleting and editing reservations by users or administrators
  • Creating a reservation in 3 easy steps, just like in the mobile app
  • Administration made simple. Management of users, roles, bikes and locations – all at one place
  • Overview of mobile device settings and logged IDs


„Security solutions first.“

  • Integrated with the domain: authentication and authorization against the client's domain
  • Secure bluetooth communication