Machine learning

Machine learning is a revolutionary field of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn and improve their performance based on data without explicit programming. It develops algorithms and models to identify patterns, relationships and make predictions while adapting and evolving.

Automated Vehicle Check


  • Data recognition using a deep neural network
  • Automated control of vehicles with the option of manual input
  • Database with access to past security checks, including video recordings
  • Easy to follow instructions for drivers passing through the checkpoint
  • Ease and speed up the inspection process, saving on PEREX and OPEX
  • Easy administration and overviews


Transport reports and overviews

  • Solutions on servers as well as on edge devices (mini PCs) - Individual selection of the optimal configuration depending on the specific needs and requirements of the project
  • On servers, we can use their performance and available storage space for demanding analysis or long-term data storage. Edge devices provide local processing and minimize latency, making them suitable for fast and reactive applications where we need to respond to camera data as quickly as possible
  • The camera detects the number of vehicles passing, types of vehicles, occupancy of parking spaces and other important traffic data using neural networks
  • The system then provides the user with a clear graphic visualisation and reports
  • Option to use both the cameras already present in the existing monitoring system as well as new cameras

Google Coral

Checking the occupancy of parking spaces

  • Embedded devices on ESP32 chips are placed on the ceiling of garages or outside
  • Photos are transmitted over the WIFI MESH network to the Coral device
  • The neural network accelerator determines whether the space is occupied or not
  • Plug and play
  • Cableless installation - power supply only


„Data for the necessary analysis and optimization.“

  • Continuous online reports
  • Detection of traffic intensity, directionality and occupancy
  • Standard visualization according to defined sensors
  • Data filtering option
  • Implementation, processing and data visualization included in price


„Security solutions first.“

  • GDPR - video data never leaves the city
  • Secure communication (APN, VPN)