PMC is an advanced tool designed for all parking service providers (department stores, office buildings, public parking). The tool, which can be individualized to each client, offers a modern cloud solution enabling remote monitoring, operation and service of multiple car parks in one system. A wide range of functionalities simplifies parking management for clients and streamlines the provision of parking services for end customers.


„Continuous inspection ensured“

  • monitoring and calculation of occupancy of individual parking zones to determine the capacity of the parking lot according to the current situation
  • control and manage of all physical units used at all connected parking houses
  • link CCTV cameras with parking units and providing a visual check of the current situation on the unit (monitoring every particular unit like entrance, exit, pay machine)
  • the system provides information about the status of the units and, depending on the user settings, the application will produce alerts


„Immediate solution of service requirements.“

  • easy communication through the application
  • support for service actions responding to alerts from the parking lot
  • the possibility of creating notifications, which are automatically assigned to the selected group of service technicians according to the set rules
  • sending notifications to service technicians using a mobile application
  • records of all messages and new notifications via push notifications
  • the ability to assign a photo to each alert
  • SIP functionality – receiving a call from a physical device (entrance and exit gates), which will allow the user to mediate communication with the client, eg when the entrance gate is blocked, a non-functional machine.


„Everything in one place.“

  • bulk management of parking cards
  • management of residential cards for long-term parking
  • activation of the card in several car parks in one single step
  • support for reading magnetic cards and subsequent activation / deactivation in multiple car parks
  • support for group events with a selected group of cards (possibility to activate / deactivate the card of the selected client, increase the credit on the card or set allowed departure times
  • smart way of managing all parking houses at one place individually without any impact to the performance of the latency and quality of data transfer


„Data for the necessary analysis and optimization.“

  • collection and evaluation of data from all autonomous car parks
  • compilation of statistical reports
  • occupancy times,
  • current occupancy
  • availability of parking lots and parking zones over time


„Security solutions first.“

  • use exclusively encrypted end2end communication
  • Implementation of MDM (mobile device management) provides full control all over your data on any mobile device registered in your organization
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – integrate the solution with your domain controller and manage all users from one place eg. Microsoft Windows Domain